Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Bucket. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. No Harassment or Bigotry

    This includes individuals in this forum, members of blaseball's larger community and TGB/Blaseball Staff

    Ignorance is not bigotry, however if someone calls attention to something possibly harmful, we encourage:
    listening to those concerns, and using it as a learning opportunity. #
  2. No Personal Attacks or Antagonist Behavior

    Criticisms of teams, TGB, Blaseball, and community institutions are allowed, personal attacks are not.

    Under no circumstance should threats of violence be posted on this forum. #
  3. No Discussing and Sharing Illegal or Pornographic Content.

    In line with both phpBB TOS and other Blaseball social spaces, NSFW content is not welcome here.

    Do not discuss violating any of Blaseball or TGB's terms of service agreements here. #
  4. No Posting Forbidden Knowledge Outside the Appropriate Forum and Subforums #
  5. Moderators Reserve the Right to Lock, or Remove Topics

    Typically the expectation for conflict resolution is discussion and understanding, and not punishment.

    In the event of violations of the rules or as an escalation of repeated warnings, forum admins and moderators may deem it necessary, take such actions as suspension or termination of an account. #
  6. Forum Guidelines

    Limit the Frame Rate of Flashing Images (this includes things like propaganda, gifs, and forum sig) put them under spoilers if you can, with appropriate labels.

    Spoiler any potentially triggering content and provide appropriate content tags.

    This is a public forum, please be mindful of any personally identifiable information you may post.

    We welcome the general concept of IRM, the interdimensional rumor mill, and we welcome the belief that no lore is owed legacy. While a part of the reason for this forum exists is for lore, it's important to recognize that sometimes within the lore process ignorance, implicit biases, and misconceptions can arise when given the vast audience and diverse name pool Blaseball has.

    We of course respect the input of community members across the league, who may have a perspective to share about writing our players.

    When discussing ideas, feel encouraged to ask questions and do the research. Be open to answers from your fellow forum users.

    Moderators can apply at any time for the forum to help, however after initial Admin review, election discussions will be public. #